Working in Tech

A wide variety of technology-related fields such as web development, design, data science, and product management are often lumped into the catch-all term “tech.”

This section will focus on various aspects of working in tech. We will discuss the additional career challenges that under-represented minorities and people from non-traditional education backgrounds face. This includes issues such as sexism and ageism that have been particularly prevalent in certain industries and organizations.

Computer Security

The field of computer security is growing at a rapid rate every year, in a report done recently it is estimated that by 2021 their will be 3.5 million jobs unfilled. The demand is due to the increase in cyber attacks and with how much data is being created everyday, data is so valuable nowadays and it needs to be kept secure and safe.

Examples of Tech related jobs

  • Software Developer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • IT Manager
  • Computer Systems Administrator


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